Sunday, 4 December 2016

Outgard - The Necromancer

This was the third and final piece inspired by the Outgard project, sadly my time was waylaid lately, so I only got to finish building him after the event.

Instead, another local member of the INQ28 community and I have been in talks about arranging a self-contained game in which this necromancer will fit in very nicely. I've included a little clue in the Youtube video below about what we are thinking;

I'm also running a little competition; if you're the first to guess/find out who was my inspiration for the visuals of my Necromancer, then you get a 28mm sculpt/conversion made by me. Answers below in the comments box please.

Спасибо за прочтение


  1. Excellent mini but I can't say I have any clue as to what inspired it.

  2. GraveRobber...because zydrate comes in little glass vials!!!

  3. I can imagine him ringing his bell shouting 'Bring out yer dead!' like the dude in Monty Pythons Holy Grail. :D