Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Grime Lights - A Prequel

Some time ago (this time last year as it happens), I titillated audiences with a tiny teasing of world building.....

Well, okay, I faffed about with some background ideas (see: Ordo Nemuritorus) that never truly came to fruition and no one really noticed....

Since then I made up this little warband of 'less martial' figures who then sat on the top of my bureau to gather dust and cobwebs (literally), whilst I worked on other projects (my Elven Exiles are growing apace).

I've always been meaning to properly build up the world of Pūrvachāti much in the same way as I did with Lychgate last year. In fact, the roots of Pūrvachāti started out quite a few years ago, beginning with my love of the ancient ruins of India and Thailand and their contrast with the more contemporary structures seen in the countries' today.

Originally, I intended to paint these guys in very subdued colours in a similar palette to the Dutch Masters. However, now I'm more leaning towards something more impressionistic, something of a grubby riot of colours.

Anyway, until then....

Спасибо за прочтение


  1. Dutch masters of course ....

    1. It is a real dilemma.

      On the one hand, these models would be perfect for such a subdued and desaturated palette.

      But on the other, such a palette would be incongruous to the backdrop I'm concocting (which would favour the grubby impressionism and give credence to the title of Grime Lights).

  2. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing how you paint them ;)

  3. Why not both? Your natural style and the basing will help to make a group like this hang together, even if some use a more vibrant palette than others...

    Been plotting and planning regarding a collaboration – will let you know soon :)