Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Inquisitrix Svetlana Odesskr

Inquisitrix Svetlana Odesskr is my long suffering main PC from my time playing Inquisitor at 54mm scale (one day I will dig her and her warband out for photos). Once I finished off my Rogue Trader warband, I wanted to move onto something more challenging to build and with the general interest in Inquisitor moving away from 54mm to 28mm scales, I decided to build Svetlana and her warband in 2014 so I could continue her story. Some of you good with anagrams may notice her name is remixed from the Realm Of Chaos subtitle; Slave to Darkness.

I did plan to write out the whole backstory for her here, but it got really convoluted and confusing.....and long (for a brief blurb). She is a former Cipher of the  Administratum whose life has been the scene of physical and psychological torture. She remains cold, calculating and a little bit twisted. Armed with a macuahuitl that was a holy relic for the people of Michhuàquê, she entered into a profane pact with the monochrome spirit of vengeance Xipe Totec and corrupted that once sacred blade.

One day I will actually include her full story on here because it's quite harrowing and involves torture, regression, fractured psyches, delving in occultism, human sacrifice and much much more. This iteration of Svetlana (as opposed to her 54mm counterpart) is actually her post-Lighthouse chapter (which is a separate story entirely).

Спасибо за прочтение

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  1. Going through this blog from first post to last, I'll be pretty disappointed if she never comes back up again. :P