Monday, 7 March 2016

Order Diagolous Sister Rebekah

Sister Rebekah was the second character I built for my Inquisition warband in 2014 and is almost an exact duplicate of Svetlana's 54mm morally ambiguous sidekick on a smaller scale. Looking at her now, I would be very tempted to resculpt parts of her (such as her hair and fur collar), but I couldn't do so without taking her apart. One day I may remake her entirely.

Sister Rebekah is something of a rebel, her age giving way to cynicism and a propensity to blaspheme, means that she is not well thought off within the convents of the sisterhood. Because of this she has led the nomadic existence of a wandering pilgrim, furthering her studies in arcane and extinct languages (both human and xenos). Exactly when she crossed paths with Inquisitrix Odesskr is unclear, but the two have been virtually inseparable since. Indeed, it was Sister Rebekah that tracked the Inquisitrix down after she fled into hiding following the failed Lighthouse Stratagem.

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