Monday, 14 March 2016

Ganger Zonya 'Redd' Kalashnikov

Truthfully, this version of Zonya looks nothing like her 54mm counterpart (who very much looks like the John Blanche painting she was based on), but at that time in 2014, I was still a little unsure about my abilities to sculpt in 28mm, so I approached her cautiously. I may end up remaking her entirely someday now I am a little more confident.

Zonya 'Redd' Kalashnikov was one of the downtrodden denizen-scum of Necromunda when she first crossed paths with Svetlana. Originally she ran with the notorious spook-cartel gang Pandemonium Riot before striking it out alone as a gun for hire. Svetlana was hiding incognito on Necromunda following the failed Lighthouse Stratagem when Zonya found her eking out a meagre existence as though punishing herself in an act of atonement. Zonya and her newfound comrade in arms began a joint venture as huntresses for hire, all the while growing closer together as an amorous couple. When Sister Rebekah and Interrogator Klondike had final tracked down the whereabouts of Inquisitrix Odesskr and implored her to return to her duty, Zonya followed her beloved to the stars without a single thought.

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