Thursday, 24 March 2016

Iacomus Moribund

We're almost at the end of my back catalogue and in March of 2015, I embarked on a new warband project. I wanted this one to have a more heretical bent than Odesskr's warband and to be something of a rival. I also wanted this one to be steeped in mysticism and warp dabbling, with grotesque and abjection being bywords for their look. Iacomus himself has roots in a lot of John Blanche 40k artwork, with a sorcerous background inspired by an old INQ54 character a friend of mine made a long time ago.

Little is known of Iacomus Moribund's origins and indeed his name first crops up within the last decade on an Arbitrator custody file mere days before the precinct and all staff were obliterated in a freak localised warp event. Some rumours say that he was once in the employ of the Ordo Malleus, others that he was a lowly Administratum clerk who became dangerously knowledgeable in forbidden lore. Hushed whispers speak that he is recruiting a small army that will unlock the seals of some unutterable astrological machine with the potential to wake 'old gods'.

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