Saturday, 19 March 2016

Maxine Kharybdis and Wyrdfisch

Maxine was one of the last miniatures I made in 2014 and she was only narrowly finished before Sister Gertrude (photos soon), and she was largely based on the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K psykers sculpted by Jes Goodwin. The Wyrdfisch actually went through a lot of redesigns before I was satisfied with it.

Maxine Kharybdis was born in the foetid biomechanical slums of Necromunda where she was destined like countless others to live an utterly unassuming life, until when she entered into her teenage years (a rarity in itself upon a hiveworld) and her latent psychic powers began to develop at a rapid pace. Many of her later years of adolescence saw her ruthlessly hunted and shunned by many of the hive dwelling communities, leading her to develop a very tough exterior. Lost and alone in the bowels of the hive city, her psychic keening was heard by all manner of beasts, including the thoroughly bizarre creature she ended up dubbing as Wyrdfische. This grotesque 'pet' became something of a guard dog, protecting Maxine from a variety of threats (both human and not). When she entered her early adulthood, she began to hire out her psychic services in the underhive, but it was later that her path crossed with Svetlana and Zonya and occasionally aided their hunts for their more elusive targets. When Svetlana was called back to duty, Maxine and her Wyrdfisch were also invited.

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