Monday, 23 May 2016

Grime Lights - A Catch Up

Okay, it's been a fair since I've posted any miniatures on this blog, but today that changes as I catch up with my entries for my Ready Your Retinue project hosted on Ammobunker.

First up is February's entry, under the theme 'For the love of....'

For this one, I couldn't resist adding BOOKS to the end of that sentence. Being a bit of a bibliophile myself, it makes sense that I add a librarian/sage to the group. So, copying the format of Tsuki Shōgatsu's name, I introduce Buwan Pebrero (and his little assistant), based on a sketch done by Steve Hanford that I found in an old copy of Citadel Journal.

Second up is March's entry, with the theme of 'Leap forward'....

For a while, I've been meaning to do my own interpretation of the Sisters of Battle since the original miniatures, whilst fantastic, are armoured in a horribly awkward way with stick thin legs (which if power armoured would make their actual legs horrendously withered underneath) and individual armoured breast cups (I mean really!? Ouch!).

Anyway, I introduce Volana Martsa of the Iron Maidens, inspired somewhat by the original sororitas sketch in the Rogue Trader book.

In April, the theme was 'Open up' in reconition of all the flowers of spring opening up....

For this entry, I went a little left field with the idea of opening up ones mind, but I was certain that I didn't a psyker, more of a shaman/swami/yogi kinda character. So I looked to Burmese traditional clothing for ideas and Muaji Prill kinda appeared. Armed with a blowpipe and darts tipped with hallucinogen toxins, she also ingests a peyote which gives her temporary 'abilities' in a similar way to Spook.

May's entry I've had in my mind for a while and with the theme 'Old ideas', I immediately cracked on with remaking an old character I built  while ago based on the Attila torso.

Sar Tavdugaar is an old soldier and the last survivor of the 105th Ulgii Kazakhs regiment. He was discharged with honours and settled in solitary on the Khüiten Massif, on the, yet to be colonised, steppes world of Tsengel.

Sadly the photos didn't turn out all that well, so I may retake them at another time.

I've also been instructed by the Runtherd that once I've finished with my current projects, I am not allowed to start any more until I have done some painting, so expect paint in these pages soon!

Спасибо за прочтение

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  1. I love all of these! In particular the old soldier :)