Sunday, 29 May 2016

Vigilantism in the 41st Millennium

In my first year of reading psychology at university, I attended a public forum about the topic of the psychology of the costumed hero. The discussion surrounded the psychological deconstruction of the 'realistic' hero (such as Batman), ones without superpowers but are still larger than life. Also discussed was how Alan Moore fronted such motif in his works of Watchmen and V for Vendetta.

Essentially, it looked at the stark mental health aspects within the costumed hero genre, such as egotism, dysfunction, maladaptive cognitive reasoning, poor social integrations, oppositional defiance disorder, antisocial behavioural disorder and grand delusions. The conclusion was that to look at our heroes in a strictly psychological light, was to see them as utterly insane, especially when juxtaposed to our own society (outside the comic setting).

With my Pilgrym project focussing on the Adeptus Arbites, I was looking for something rather tongue-in-cheek to include in the warband, something that truly represented the insanity that makes up the Imperium in the 41st millennium. It was actually the Runtherd, whilst playing one of the Batman games, that prompted the idea of what would Batman be like in the 41st millennium which in turn reminded me of that topic about the insanity of the costumed hero.

I imagined that Batman would be much more homespun, a sackcloth mask and probably entirely detached from reality, spouting irrelevant one-liners whilst throwing stars cut from rusted steel. An unhinged fanatic of the law avenging some imagined slight.

I was also thinking about how vigilantism is treated in the 41st millennium? Is it welcome, outlawed or simply ignored/treated as a nuisance?

I'd appreciate your thoughts!

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  1. I love this thought! I'd really like to see your take on it :)

    1. There's already a bit of vigilante superhuman Batman in 40k - the Night Lords Primarch, Konrad Kurze, the Night Haunter.

      Some interesting inspiration for your potential sculpt could come from the portrayal of Batman in "Superman: Red Son".

      Perhaps in a world where the villains tend to be as likely to be found amongst the Lords and Ladies of the Imperium as they are amongst the Enemies of the Imperium - perhaps the "40k vigilante" could be going against the establishment rather than criminals? Could he even be a Cultist of some sort?

      Necromunda also has the Redemptionists which are outlaws and are treated as vigilantes.