Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Confrontation - Spyrers

The first White Dwarf I ever bought was numbered 190, the edition that saw the first release of Necromunda. Even in those pages they mentioned the previous prototype Confrontation which later became the template for Inquisitor six years later. Confrontation seems to have its fanbase amongst the INQ28 community, possibly because of the level of freedom of design it gives you as opposed to Necromunda (but who doesn't love muscled himbos who look like they've been ripped straight out of Streets of Rage?).

Anyway, back in 2013, I was lucky enough to discover the Confrontation project done by the Spiky Rats (and the subsequent battle report posted on Opus Maius) and I was inspired by the sheer majesty and madness of the whole endeavour. I started to design my own spyrer warband because I really didn't like the originals as they were far too colourful and manga-esque to deserve the flavour fluff of feared daemons stalking the shadows of the underhive.

I pulled inspiration from the bio-suits that the Engineers wear in Prometheus and decided to go Gigeresque with my design. The first one I started with was the Malcador mostly because it seemed the easiest, especially with the arms from the Dark Eldar Wracks set with the hand scythes. After the Malcador, I set the whole project on the back burner until about a month ago. The Orrus was inspired by John Blanche's illustration and the Jakara went through one design remake before I was happy. The Yeld, however, was the trickiest to nail down and I'm still not sure it's right, I think the wings are a little too organic looking and I may change them before painting.

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