Saturday, 16 January 2016

Media Break - Music (part 1)

I know that I've titled this post the same as those little news snippets featured in Robocop, but I wanted to write a little on the different media mediums that inspire my sculpting, writing and general creativity, so in future posts I will be looking at; art, novels, movies, television, theatre, games and so on. But first focussing on music.

Music plays a big part of my life; I listen to it whilst strolling about the city, on the train, at home, whilst writing and even when working on sculpts. Music helps me to find the rhythm in everything and work with it. My own personal tastes tend to fit a specific spectrum of genres, from industrial to synthpop.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of the albums produced by Russian distributor Skyqode, who are relatively new but are quickly becoming the main name for synthpop, futurepop, electro and aggrotech in Eastern Europe, The Ukraine, Russia and The Baltics.

One particular artist I would like to share with you is Cold in May, who have recently released their third album titled Холодный Мир (or, The Cold World), a review of which can be found here (apologies for those who cannot read Cyrillic, but I'm sure most browsers can offer to translate the page for you).

I do thoroughly recommend you listen to some Cold in May, and other bands advertised through Skyqode. I hope they give you as much inspiration as they do me.

Спасибо за прочтение  

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