Thursday, 28 January 2016

Rogue Trader - Magos Isambard Rho.

Magos Isambard Rho was one of the last miniatures I converted/sculpted in 2013 and at that time I considered him to be an incredibly ambitious endeavour. Looking back on him now though, I would have liked to have done some things differently (like the feet and left arm).

Magos Isambard Rho has served on board The Coelacanth for at least two centuries, longer than any other living member, so no one is sure of his exact age. Why he chose a relatively quiet and reclusive life on the heavy trading vessel is unknown, but rumours abound that he has a criminal past linked to forbidden xenos technology.

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  1. This is great ! We know the bits, we've seen them plenty of times and yet noone's made such a clever use of them so far.