Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Elven Exiles - Leader

Way back when Mordheim was released during its prototype phase in White Dwarf and the various warband types were introduced to the waiting public, I did wonder whether the elves would feature in the game at all. I figured that the Dark Elves at least would be really interested in the acquisition of wyrdstone and imagined a corsair led party sneaking around the twisted broken streets, with screaming witch elves leaping from the rafters of ruined buildings and even an assassin lurking dangerously in the shadows.

Imagine my bitter disappointment when they plumped for a squad of shadow warriors, that were seemingly pulled together without any forethought or imagination. Anyway, this settled ill with me, like a stomach ulcer. It wasn't until much later, when Mordheim pretty much had long past its heyday, that the concept of elven exiles came to mind.

These were kind of inspired by Dan Abnett's Gilead books first, but mostly inspired by the hit anime series Sword Art Online. I envisaged the idea that there were any number of elves from all races (Dark, High, Wood and Sea) who, for whatever reason (be it personal or circumstantial), had become displaced from their native homelands. Some of whom may come together, all previous racial grudges forgotten, to form a warband.

The leader (name in progress) is inspired by SAO character Kirito and is based on a classic Eldar Harlequin model that I acquired at a very reasonable price on eBay due to its pistol being missing.

Спасибо за прочтение


  1. Well that just made my inspiration folder. :D Lovely work, reminds me of a more dynamic Heroquest Elf.

  2. That's an exceptional conversion - very clever indeed. I used some of the Harlequin range to make some Blood Bowl Dark Elves, but this is several dozen notches above my conversions. Where's the head from?

  3. Very nice sense of movement on the elf. The notion of a group of different elves coming together and putting past their differences after being shunned from their homelands is neat. Perhaps the swords are a little large? Weapon size is the main thing I harp on these days. If you like the swords, don't mind me.