Monday, 5 September 2016

The Lychgate

Despite the, what I hope to be evocative, locations in Undercroft City and Reliquary that make up the city of Frankylmoign that I've laid out earlier, it is the Lychgate that I hope to be the centre stage of this particular setting and, unlike the two mentioned previously that could have long term campaigns set in them, would be a one time event.

Traditionally, lychgates tend to be the small archway entrances into the churchyard, but of course, for this major landmark on Glebe IV, it would have to be much bigger, more grandiose and, of course, baroquely gothic. I instead looked at triumphal arches for inspiration as they also have a connection with the dead (normally as grand tombstones marking a special grave site) and found a very detailed drawing of the Arch of Maximillian I by Albrecht Durer that is simply spectacular and very fitting for the 41st Millennium.

If you hear a citizen of Frankylmoign talk about lychgates, they are almost always referring to The Lychgate, the grand archway with stands sentry as the gates to the mausoleum of Glebe IV's patron saint; Saint Zabojca. Erected sometime in the closing years of the 31st Millennium following the devastating fires of the Great Heresy, where Saint Zabojca sacrificed her life in defence of Glebe IV against the daemonic horrors that invaded the world. But of course, many variations of her heroic tale are told elsewhere..... 

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