Friday, 2 September 2016

Undercroft City

A while ago, I remember reading the blog of a rather splendid author who was writing about the Carceri d'invenzione prints of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, which heavily influenced the Romanticism and Surrealism of later ages, and inspired later surrealists like Kafka and Escher. More closer to home, it is easy to just how much of the Mordheim artwork was perhaps inspired by these prints too. Indeed, the Carceri prints are exactly how I imagined Undercroft City:

Undercroft City is the very mirror of Frankylmoign, as above so below, the City itself is a twisting maze of consecrated waterways, sewers, crypts, hidden shrines, sunken cathedrals and catacombs. It is a known haven for the more darker and unsavoury cults ratified by the Ministorum; followers of flesh, blood and pain stalk its gloomy walkways, outlawed redemptionists organise their crusades and black priests offer vices beyond imagination to enable anyone to sin in the Emperor's name. The theohooligans and recusant-gangs mark out their territories with arcane symbols, grimly coloured candles and incense-markers.

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  1. Very interesting indeed. I love Piranesi, and his drawings of ancient Roman ruins are.some.of my favourite artworks. I agree they must have been.inspiration for the illustrators of Mordheim.