Saturday, 26 March 2016

Madame Sow - The Angry Princess

The concept for Madame Sow was done sometime in 2014, but it wasn't until after Iacomus was built in 2015 that I actually got around to building her too. I had the byword abjection thoroughly in mind in her design, from her disproportionate frame to the pile of excrement on her base beneath her buttocks.

Little is known about Madame Sow, whether she was born with such a twisted frame or whether her body was moulded by malign influence is unclear. Some say she was the lead arbitrator that apprehended Iacomus a decade ago and was subsequently cursed for her impudence by the master himself and that her hatred for Iacomus is matched only by her loyalty to him.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Iacomus Moribund

We're almost at the end of my back catalogue and in March of 2015, I embarked on a new warband project. I wanted this one to have a more heretical bent than Odesskr's warband and to be something of a rival. I also wanted this one to be steeped in mysticism and warp dabbling, with grotesque and abjection being bywords for their look. Iacomus himself has roots in a lot of John Blanche 40k artwork, with a sorcerous background inspired by an old INQ54 character a friend of mine made a long time ago.

Little is known of Iacomus Moribund's origins and indeed his name first crops up within the last decade on an Arbitrator custody file mere days before the precinct and all staff were obliterated in a freak localised warp event. Some rumours say that he was once in the employ of the Ordo Malleus, others that he was a lowly Administratum clerk who became dangerously knowledgeable in forbidden lore. Hushed whispers speak that he is recruiting a small army that will unlock the seals of some unutterable astrological machine with the potential to wake 'old gods'.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Taking a walk on the Warhammer side

I'm not entirely sure when I made this miniature, but I recall it was in the summer of 2013 for a community game of Warhammer Quest. She is based upon a simple dwarf warrior with a space marine falchion. Evidently she is pretty rough-cut compared to my more recent sculpting attempts, but she bears the crested shield of her home and an ancient dwarven runesword.

Rebekah Brokksdotter, known otherwise as Rebekah Bluehair, is the wayward daughter of renowned master engineer Red Brokk Gunnarsson of Barak Varr. When she was born, her hair was as blue as the ocean that surrounded the dwarven sea port, which was perceived to be a good omen. Little did her kin know that Rebekah would grow to be the very spirit of rebellion and freedom. As a youngling she was awe inspired by the non-dwarven travellers that made port with their exotic wares to trade before they sailed off again into the horizon and further adventure. Tired of the constraints of dwarven traditions and expected duty, Rebekah snuck out of Barak Varr whilst her father was out at sea to find her own saga. 

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sister Gertrude of the Iron Maidens

Sister Gertrude rounds off Svetlana's warband and I think was the last miniature I made for 2014 (I think I finished her in November before I got distracted by a wholly new and different sculpting project based on the Japanese manga style). She was built using the ubiquitous Nurgle Lord as a frame and was certainly the most ambitious miniature I sculpted to date.

Truthfully I never really got around to writing any background stuff for her, so keep watching this space as I may update it in the future!

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Maxine Kharybdis and Wyrdfisch

Maxine was one of the last miniatures I made in 2014 and she was only narrowly finished before Sister Gertrude (photos soon), and she was largely based on the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K psykers sculpted by Jes Goodwin. The Wyrdfisch actually went through a lot of redesigns before I was satisfied with it.

Maxine Kharybdis was born in the foetid biomechanical slums of Necromunda where she was destined like countless others to live an utterly unassuming life, until when she entered into her teenage years (a rarity in itself upon a hiveworld) and her latent psychic powers began to develop at a rapid pace. Many of her later years of adolescence saw her ruthlessly hunted and shunned by many of the hive dwelling communities, leading her to develop a very tough exterior. Lost and alone in the bowels of the hive city, her psychic keening was heard by all manner of beasts, including the thoroughly bizarre creature she ended up dubbing as Wyrdfische. This grotesque 'pet' became something of a guard dog, protecting Maxine from a variety of threats (both human and not). When she entered her early adulthood, she began to hire out her psychic services in the underhive, but it was later that her path crossed with Svetlana and Zonya and occasionally aided their hunts for their more elusive targets. When Svetlana was called back to duty, Maxine and her Wyrdfisch were also invited.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Ganger Zonya 'Redd' Kalashnikov

Truthfully, this version of Zonya looks nothing like her 54mm counterpart (who very much looks like the John Blanche painting she was based on), but at that time in 2014, I was still a little unsure about my abilities to sculpt in 28mm, so I approached her cautiously. I may end up remaking her entirely someday now I am a little more confident.

Zonya 'Redd' Kalashnikov was one of the downtrodden denizen-scum of Necromunda when she first crossed paths with Svetlana. Originally she ran with the notorious spook-cartel gang Pandemonium Riot before striking it out alone as a gun for hire. Svetlana was hiding incognito on Necromunda following the failed Lighthouse Stratagem when Zonya found her eking out a meagre existence as though punishing herself in an act of atonement. Zonya and her newfound comrade in arms began a joint venture as huntresses for hire, all the while growing closer together as an amorous couple. When Sister Rebekah and Interrogator Klondike had final tracked down the whereabouts of Inquisitrix Odesskr and implored her to return to her duty, Zonya followed her beloved to the stars without a single thought.

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Interrogator Konstantin Klondike

This is actually the second variation of Klondike I made in 2014 as I was never truly happy with the original and he looks much like his 54mm counterpart now. He was designed to look like the tarot card The Hanged Man, but inverted.

Konstantin Klondike was born in the slums of a nameless world upon the far fringes of Imperial space, whose extremes of climate resulted in its ghetto-cities to be islands surrounded by a desert of snow in the summer and a desert of sand in the winter: a haven for those void treading merchants of ill repute. As a child, he’d been privy to that most rare of human experiences; a performance by the enigmatic caste of the eldar – the Harlequins. Fate had changed him that day, awe and obsession had inspired, some would say driven, him as a young man into the arms of his worlds’ black market cartels. Klondike became a name synonymous on his planet with the race he so beloved, collecting artifacts and trinkets of the eldar from traders who’d harvested them from the surface of a hundred alien worlds. When the Inquisition came to his world, Klondike was one of the first to be captured in their purges and incarcerated in the dungeons of the Ordo Xenos, his crime and sentence already decided: death as a xenophile and trafficking in forbidden materials. Upon the morning of his execution, the Inquisition found his cell empty, unbeknownst to them, he had already been recruited by another member of their own institution.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Order Diagolous Sister Rebekah

Sister Rebekah was the second character I built for my Inquisition warband in 2014 and is almost an exact duplicate of Svetlana's 54mm morally ambiguous sidekick on a smaller scale. Looking at her now, I would be very tempted to resculpt parts of her (such as her hair and fur collar), but I couldn't do so without taking her apart. One day I may remake her entirely.

Sister Rebekah is something of a rebel, her age giving way to cynicism and a propensity to blaspheme, means that she is not well thought off within the convents of the sisterhood. Because of this she has led the nomadic existence of a wandering pilgrim, furthering her studies in arcane and extinct languages (both human and xenos). Exactly when she crossed paths with Inquisitrix Odesskr is unclear, but the two have been virtually inseparable since. Indeed, it was Sister Rebekah that tracked the Inquisitrix down after she fled into hiding following the failed Lighthouse Stratagem.

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