Sunday, 24 July 2016

Grime Lights - Ordo Nemuritorus

Wow! It's been just over a month since I last added anything to my blog! Unfortunately July has been rather busy for me, so this month for RYR on Ammobunker, my entry is just a simple Space Marine I kitbashed together (photos coming soon). However, in order to explain my upcoming character, I did have to write up some background material for the Grime Lights project.

Ordo Nemuritorus
After his ascension to the rank of lord in the year 882.M41, following the successful prosecution of the mad Inquisitor Carmine for his brutal ‘scorched earth’ philosophy that saw over twenty-four Imperial worlds put to death by exterminatus, one of Lord-Inquisitor Udø Delige’s first actions was to arrange a large conclave of like-minded inquisitors at the Inquisitorial Parthenon on Sanctus Lys.
As an inveterate Thorian, Delige had long theorised that the Emperor of Mankind had not been the only immortal being to have walked amongst humanity in its long history and that there might still be others out there within the Imperium today. Using fragments dating back to the Horus Heresy which referred to human ‘perpetuals’, Delige proposed the creation of a new Ordo, one whose remit was to uncover other immortals, investigate other potential sources for increasing the human lifespan and even the possibility of discovering an individual whose power could match the Emperor to take His place upon the Golden Throne or act as a vessel for His divine essence.
Whilst some attending the conclave dismissed the idea as nonsense and others decried Delige’s proposal as dangerously Horusian, there were a few that supported the creation of such an Ordo, and thus the Ordo Nemuritorus was born.
Founding Members
Lord Inquisitor Udø Delige - deceased
Inquisitor Onster Flikes - deceased
Inquisitor Hilez Korrak - deceased
Inquisitrix Shén Xiān - deceased
Inquisitor Halhat Atlanok - deceased
Inquisitrix Bess Mertnyye - deceased
Inquisitrix Amara Naiya – missing
Inquisitor Aydaan Waarin - deceased
Inquisitrix Kuishi Milele - deceased
Inquisitrix Maran Amillāta - deceased
Inquisitor Olüm Süzler - deceased
Inquisitrix Orìṣà Ni - deceased
The Watchdogs
In 902.M41 following a disastrous investigation into a deathcult, whose suicide and subsequent resurrection of its members had become legendary in the sector, had turned out to be a highly organised and well equipped cult that had been infiltrated by a sorcerer of Nurgle almost two decades earlier. The resultant loss of so many gifted agents caused the founding members of the Ordo Nemuritorus to conclude that a contingency was needed to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring again.
Lacking the political clout of the major Ordo’s, the founding members could not expect to establish anything as grand as a chamber militant. Instead, each member proposed a single candidate from the Inquisition’s list of known Astartes Blackshields, exiles from their parent chapter.
Thus twelve carefully chosen errants were selected and underwent rigorous trials to test the purity and suitability to act as the Ordo’s surgical strike team. Only ten of the astartes passed the required trials, of the two who failed, nothing is held on record.
Along with the canine heraldry worn on one pauldron that represents the Watchdogs, they also display the crux ansata; the symbol of the Ordo Nemuritorus.
Connection to Grime Lights

Inquisitrix Mejila Osu was the erstwhile acolyte of Inquisitor Udø Delige prior to his ascension to the rank of Lord. In the closing years of M41 Osu was approached by an astartes of the Watchdogs, Blan Tơjuh, asking for her aid. He reporting that within the space of a single solar year (baring those who died in service earlier) the remaining founding members of the Ordo Nemuritorus had been assassinated. All except one; Amara Naiya.
Nothing further had been heard from her since she left to investigate the truth behind the so called Heir to the Emperor’s Throne on the world of Pūrvachāti.
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